Envisic's lab software provides all the tools to move patient scans and data easily and quickly into your digital manufacturing process.


Lab Software Features

Data Management
Powerful sort and filter features make production scheduling simple, allowing access to exactly the orders you need, exactly when you need them.

Scan Processing
Trim excess data, select critical landmarks, print full-size topographic scans, and more, producing exactly the base you want for the highest quality orthotics.

CAD/CAM Integration
Easily move processed scans from the lab software into your current CAD/CAM software package and get higher quality milled pieces.


Data Customization Options

Only get the information you want in your lab data processing stream by adding the modules that suit your needs.

Easy Scanning
At its core, the Envisic software provides controls for our scanners. Our software takes in the foot and cast scans at no cost (other than time) and allows them to be outputted in a way that works for you, whether that's straight out to a CAD/CAM format or through our servers to orthotic manufacturers.

Patient Information
The most common add-on to the scan functionality creates digital patient files, storing all related patient documents and data in one, easily accessible location.

Digital Ordering
Another common add-on, digital ordering sends a patient's orthotic prescription quickly and easily through our servers, insuring delivery and speeding turn around time.

Exam Information
Take biomechanical exam information? Record, store, and send that information digitally.