Envisic's software is as powerful as its software, providing a solution for keeping all of a patient's data in one place for ease of accessibility and maximum usability.


Ease of use

With minimal training, users can be working with the scanner and software in minutes, leading to higher quality casts and a cleaner casting process.

DIgital cast storage

Store all your patients' information and scans together for a simpler viewing to patient history and quicker reordering.

Secure Data Transfer

Through Envisic's secure servers, all patient information is transferred quickly and securely on to the lab.

Asynchronous Data Storage

Envisic's software does not require a web browser, so you can scan from anywhere (with or without an internet connection) and send whenever you want, once have an available internet connection.

Complete Data Backup

Once sent, all data is saved in multiple backup locations, so in the event of any failure, data is fully recoverable.