VeriScan Podiatric Scanner (VPS)

Utilizing red line-laser 3D-imaging techniques, the VeriScan Podiatric Scanner quickly and accurately captures a true-dimension digital cast of the human foot. In tandem with Envisic's software, the VeriScan can complete and process a scan in seven seconds and send it along to the lab in another five seconds.

(For inquiries about routinely casting large feet, please contact us for information on scanning up to 19" feet)



  • Two-camera, true 3D system
  • Sees plantar surface, lateral and medial margins, and back of heel
  • Portable: weighs less than 14lbs and runs off battery power
  • Slim enough to allow for the doctor's hands on the patient's feet
  • Stand allows flexibility to be used in non-, semi-, and full-weight bearing modes
  • Allows for patient to be supine or prone for scanning
  • Addable stand gives increased ability of use
  • Two-camera system for capturing all the needed data


  • Standard, scans feet up to 13in (Size 14 1/2)
    • L x W x H = 20in x 9.5in x 4in
    • Weight = <13lbs