VeriScan Podiatric Pro

Utilizing red line-laser 3D-imaging techniques, the VeriScan Podiatric Scanner quickly and accurately captures a true-dimension digital cast of the human foot. In tandem with Envisic's software, the VeriScan can complete and process a scan in seven seconds and send it along to the lab in another five seconds.



  • Two-camera, true 3D system
  • Sees plantar surface, lateral and medial margins, and back of heel
  • Portable: both available sizes are less than 14lbs and runs off battery power
  • Slim enough to allow for the doctor's hands on the patient's feet
  • Stand allows flexibility to be used in non-, semi-, and full-weight bearing modes
  • Allows for patient to be supine or prone for scanning
  • Addable stand gives increased ability of use
  • 2 camera, 2 laser system


  • Standard, scans feet up to 19"
    • L x W x H = ?in x ?in x ?in
    • Weight = <?lbs